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ST & SC Development, Minorities & Backward Classes Welfare Department

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ST & SC Development Department, , stscdev[at]rediffmail[dot]com, 0674- 2536672
  1. District Welfare Office, Angul (110102)

    At/ Po/ Dist- Angul
    Collectorate, Angul

  2. District Welfare Office, Balasore (110201)

    At/Po/Dist- Balasore

  3. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Nilgiri, Balasore (110202)

    At/ Po Nilgiri, Dist Balasore

  4. District Welfare Office, Bargarh (110301)

    AT/ PO/ Dist.-Bargarh

  5. District Welfare Office, Bhadrak (110401)


  6. District Welfare Office, Balangir (110501)

    DWO, Balangir

  7. District Welfare Office, Boudh (110601)

    District Welfare Office, At/Po/Dist: Boudh

  8. District Welfare Office, Cuttack (110701)

    At/Po- Chandin Chowk, Dist- Cuttack

  9. District Welfare Office, Deogarh (110801)

    At/Po./Dist.- Deogarh

  10. District Welfare Office, Dhenkanal (110901)

    At/ Po./ Dist.- Dhenkanal

  11. District Welfare Office, Gajapati (111001)

    At.Po DWO, Gajapati, Pkd, Gajapati

  12. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Paralakhemundi, Gajapati (111002)

    I.T.D.A, Paralakhemundi

  13. District Inspector of Schools, (SSD) Southern Zone, Berhampur (111101)

    Deputy Inspector of School, Southern Zone, Berhampur

  14. District Welfare Office, Ganjam (111102)

    District Welfare Office, Ganjam

  15. District Welfare Office, Jagatsinghpur (111201)

    District Welfare Office, Jagatsinghpur

  16. District Welfare Office, Jajpur (111301)

    District Welfare Officer, Jajpur

  17. District Welfare Office, Jharsuguda (111401)

    DWO, Jharsuguda

  18. District Welfare Office, Bhawanipatna, Kalahandi (111501)

    At/ Po.- Bhawanipatna, Dist.- Kalahandi

  19. Special Officer, Kutia Kandha Development Agency, Lanjigarh, Kalahandi (111502)

    Special Officer, Kutia Kandha Development Agency, Lanjigarh, Kalahandi

  20. Special Officer, MADA, Bhawanipatna, Kalahandi (111503)

    Special Officer MADA, Bhawanipatna, Kalahandi

  21. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Kalahandi (111504)

    Near SBI, Main Branch, BhawaniPatnaPin-766001, Dist. Kalahandi

  22. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Thumal Rampur, Kalahandi (111505)

    At.: Bhawanipatna, Dist.: Kalahandi

  23. District Welfare Office, Kandhamal, Phulbani (111601)

    At/Po/-Phulbani,Dist. Kandhamal

  24. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Phulbani (111602)

    ITDA, Phulbani, At/Po: Phulbani, Dist: Kandhamal

  25. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Balliguda, Kandhamal (111603)

    ITDA, Balliguda, At/Po: Balliguda, Dist. Kandhamal

  26. Eklavya Model Junior Residential School, Mahasinghi, Kandhamal (111604)

    Eklavya Model Junior Residential School, Mahasinghi, Kandhamal

  27. District Welfare Office, Kendrapada (111701)

    District Welfare Office, Kendrapara

  28. District Welfare Office, Keonjhar (111801)

    District Welfare Office, Keonjhar

  29. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Champua, Keonjhar (111802)

    Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Champua, Keonjhar

  30. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Keonjhar (111803)

    Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Keonjha

  31. District Welfare Office, Khordha (111908)

    Collectorate, Khordha

  32. District Welfare Office, Koraput (112001)

    Collectorate, Koraput (ST & SC Development Section)

  33. Integrated Tribal Development Agency Koraput (112002)

    Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Koraput

  34. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Jeypore (112003)

    ITDA, Jeypore

  35. Ekalavya Model Residential School, Pungar, Koraput (112004)

    Ekalavya Model Residential School, Pungar, Kunduli, Semiliguda, Koraput

  36. District Welfare Office, Malkangiri (112101)

    District Welfare Officer Malakngiri, At/Po/ Dist- Malkangiri

  37. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Malkangiri (112102)

    ITDA, Malkangiri

  38. District Inspector of Schools (SSD), Baripada, Mayurbhanj (112201)

    District Inspector School (SSD), Mayurbhanj, Baripada

  39. District Welfare Office, Mayurbhanj (112202)

    At-Bhanjpur, Ward No.-02, Po.-Bhanjpur, Ps.-Baripada Town, Dist.-Mayurbhanj, Pin-757002

  40. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Baripada (112204)

    At/Po.-Baripada, Dist.-Mayurbhanj
    At/Po.-Baripada, Dist.-Mayurbhanj

  41. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Kaptipada, Udala, Mayurbhanj (112205)

    At-ITDA, Kaptipada, Udala, Po- Udala, Dist- Mayurbhanj

  42. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Karanjia, Mayurbhanj (112206)

    ITD, Karanjia

  43. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Rairangapur, Mayurbhanj (112207)

    O/o: The P.A of The Integrated Tribal Development Agency,At/Po: Rairangapur, Dist:Mayurbhanj

  44. District Welfare Office, Nabarangpur (112301)

    Collectorate, Nabaragpur (ST& SC Development Section)

  45. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Nabarangpur (112302)

    Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Nabarangpur
    LIC Colony

  46. District Welfare Officer, Nayagarh (112401)

    District Welfare Officer, Nayagarh

  47. District Welfare Office, Nuapada (112501)


  48. District Welfare Office, Puri (112601)

    District Welfare Office, Puri

  49. District Welfare Office, Rayagada (112701)

    District Welfare Office, Rayagada

  50. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Gunupur, Rayagada (112702)

    O/o: The Private Assistant to ITDA Office, Gunupur, Rayagada

  51. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Rayagada (112703)

    I.T.D.A., Rayagada, At/Po/Dist.-Rayagada (Odisha)

  52. Ekalavya Model Residential School, Siriguda, Rayagada (112704)

    Eklavya Model(Junior) Residential College, Siriguda

  53. District Welfare Office, Sambalpur (112801)

    District Welfare Office, At./ PO/ Dist.: Sambalpur

  54. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Kuchinda, Sambalpur (112802)

    ITDA, Kuchinda Sambalpur

  55. District Welfare Office, Subarnapur (112901)

    District Welfare Office, Subarnapur

  56. District Welfare Office, Sundergarh (113001)

    ST & SC Development Department, Bhubaneswar.
    PA, ITDA cum A.D.M Welfare

  57. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Bonai (113002)

    Office of the P.A., ITDA, Bonai, At/P.O: Bonaigarh, Dist: Sundargarh, Orissa, Pin-770038

  58. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Panposh, Rourkela, Sundergarh (113003)

    C/o: Office Of the P.A to ITDA,Panposh,Rourkela Twelve

  59. Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Sundergarh (113004)

    ITDA, Sundargarh

  1. Government (SSD) Higher Secondary School, Govindapally, Malkangiri (11210201)

    Government SSD Higher Secondary School, Govindapally, Malkangiri

  2. Government Girls' High School, Thakurmunda, Mayurbhanj (11222401)

    Government Girls’ High School At/P.O.: Thakurmunda, Dist.: Mayurbhanj, PIN: 757038

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