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Parliamentary Affairs Department, Odisha Secretariat, dpasec[at]ori[dot]nic[dot]in, 06742536903
  1. Odisha Legislative Assembly Secretariat, Bhubaneswar (291902)

    Secretariat of the Odisha Legislative Assembly, Bhubaneswar

  2. Raj Bhavan, Odisha (291903)

    Governor House, Odisha, Bhubaneswar

RTI CMM is a Central Monitoring Mechanism by Govt. of Odisha to ensure the implementation of Right to Information Act, 2005 at all public authorities of Govt. of Odisha. This is developed with an objective to provide single point access of all RTI related information catering to Section-4, Section-25 of RTI Act, 2005 in an uniform manner. This project is monitored by Department of Information & Public Relations, Govt. of Odisha [Nodal Department of Govt. of Odisha for RTI Implementation] in collaboration with Luminous Infoways. Content on this website is published by respective public authorities and managed by Information & Public Relations Department, Govt. of Odisha. For any query regarding this website please contact Web Information Leader : Sri Basant Kumar Mohanty, Chief Monitoring Officer , RTI Implementation, Odisha. e-mail: rti-ori[at]nic[dot]in.