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Revenue & Disaster Management Department

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Revenue and Disaster Management Department, Odisha Secretariat, revsec[at]ori[dot]nic[dot]in, 0674-2322658
  1. Director Land Record and Survey, Cuttack (030702)

    Director Land Records and Survey, Board of Revenue, Orissa, Cuttack
    Director Land Records & Survey, Board of Revenue, Orissa, Cuttack, Candinichowk, Cuttack-2

  2. Directorate of Consolidation, Cuttack (030703)

    Directorate of Consolidation, Board of Revenue, Odisha, Cuttack

  3. Inspector General of Registration, Odisha, Cuttack (030704)

    Rajaswa Bhawan Building, Chandinichouk Cuttack

  4. Land Records and Settlement (030705)

  5. Land Reforms Commissioner, Odisha, Cuttack (030706)

    Office of the Land Reforms Commissioner, Odisha, Rajaswa Bhavan,
    Board of Revenue Building, Odisha, Cuttack

  6. Odisha State Disaster Mitigation Authority (031903)

    Rajiv Bhawan, Unit V

  7. Special Relief Commissioner, Odisha (031904)

    Rajiv Bhawan

  8. Board of Revenue, Odisha, Cuttack (O3O701)

    Board of Revenue, Odisha, Cuttack

  1. Collectorate, Angul (030101)

    Collectorate, Angul

  2. Land Acquisition Office, Angul (030102)

    Collectorate, Angul

  3. Collectorate, Balasore (030201)

    Collectorate office At/Po: Balasore Dist: Balasore PIN: 756001
    Collectorate office At/Po: Balasore Dist: Balasore PIN: 756001

  4. Deputy Director, Consolidation, Balasore (030202)

    O/o DDCH, Balasore

  5. Settlement Office, Balasore (030203)

    O/o Addl. Sub-Collector, Charge Office, Balasore

  6. Collectorate, Bargarh (030301)

    O/o: The Collectorate, District Office, Dist/Po; Bargarh

  7. District Registrar Office, Bargarh (030302)

    At/ Po/ Dist.- Bargarh

  8. Collectorate, Bhadrak (030401)

    Collectorate, Bhadrak
    Ps: Bhadrak Town Dist: BhadrakPin-756100

  9. Deputy Director, Consolidation of Holdings, Bhadrak (030402)

    Deputy Director, C.H. ,Bhadrak, At. Budhabihar, Po/ Dist.- Bhadrak

  10. Collectorate, Balangir (030501)

    Collectorate, Balangir
    Collectorate, Balangir

  11. Deputy Director, Consolidation of Holdings, Bolangir (030502)

    O/o D.D.C.H. Bolangir

  12. Collectorate, Boudh (030601)

    At/P.O/Dist-Boudh, Collectorate, Premises First floor

  13. Collectorate, Cuttack (030707)

    Collectorate, Cuttack

  14. Deputy Director, Survey and Map Publication, Cuttack, Odisha (030708)

    Deputy Director Survey and Map Publication At-Badajobra PO- College Square Dist-Cuttack PIN-753003

  15. Joint Director, Consolidation of Holdings Range II, Cuttack (030709)

    Consolidation, Range-II,Cuttack,At- Major Settlement Office,Zobra,Cuttack

  16. Joint Director, Consolidation, Range-I, Cuttack (030710)

    Joint Director Consolidation Range-I, Cuttack

  17. Joint Director, Consolidation, Range-III, Cuttack (030711)

    Joint Director Consolidation, Range-III, Cuttack

  18. Revenue Divisional Commissioner Central Division, Cuttack (030712)

    Post- Chandinchowk, Cuttack-2

  19. Land Reforms, Cuttack (030713)

  20. Collectorate, Deogarh (030801)

    Collectorate, Deogarh

  21. Collectorate, Dhenkanal (030901)

    Collector Dhenkanal

  22. Settlement Office, Dhenkanal (030902)

    Settlement Office, Dhenkanal

  23. Collectorate, Gajapati (031001)

    Collectorate, Gajapati

  24. Land Acquisition Office, Gajapati (031002)

    Land Acquisition Office, Gajapati

  25. Deputy Director, Consolidation, Berhampur, Ganjam (031102)

    Deputy Director, Consolidation, Berhampur, Ganjam

  26. Revenue Divisional Commissioner, Sourthern Division, Berhampur (031104)

    O/o. the R.D.C.(SD),Berhampur

  27. Settlement Office, Ganjam-Koraput Major Settlement, Berhampur, Ganjam (031106)

    O/o. Settlement Office, Ganjam-Koraput Major Settlement, Berhampur, Ganjam

  28. Special Land Acquisition Officer and Rehabiliation Officer Steel Plant, Gopalpur (031108)

    Spl.L.A.O & R.R.O, Chatrapur

  29. Additional District Magistrate, Paradeep, Jagatsinghpur (031201)

    ADM Paradip

  30. Collectorate, Jagatsinghpur (031202)

    Office of the Collector, Jagatsinghpur

  31. Deputy Director, Consolidation, Jagatsinghpur (031203)

    Deputy Director, Consolidation of Holdings, Jagatsinghpur, At/P.O./Dist.-Jagatsinghpur

  32. District Registration Office, Jagatsinghpur (031204)

    At-Heera Bhawan Aparna Nagar Chauliaganja Cuttack

  33. General and Miscllananeous Section, Collectorate, Jagatsinghpur (031205)


  34. Judicial Section Collectorate, Jagatsinghpur (031206)


  35. Special Land Acquisition Officer, Jagatsinghpur (031207)

    Special Land Acquisition Officer,

  36. Collectorate, Jajpur (031301)

    Collectorate, Jajpur

  37. Deputy Director, Consolidation, Jajpur Road, Jajpur (031302)

    Deputy Director Consolidation, Jajpur

  38. Collectorate, Jharsuguda (031401)

    Collectorate Office, Jharsuguda

  39. Collectorate, Kalahandi (031501)

    Collectorate Office, Kalahandi

  40. District Record Room, Kalahandi (031502)

    Collectorate Kalahandi

  41. Settlement Office, Bhawanipatna, Kalahandi (031503)

    Settlement Office, Bhawanipatna, Kalahandi

  42. Collectorate, Kandhamal (031602)

    Collectorate, Kandhamal

  43. Collectorate, Kendrapara (031701)

    Collectorate, Kendrapara

  44. Dy. Director, Consolidation, Kendrapara (031702)

    Dy. Director, Consolidation, Kendrapara Range, At- Tinimuhani, Po/Dist- Kendrapara, 754211

  45. Collectorate, Kendujhar (031801)

    Collectorate, Keonjhar

  46. Land Acquisition Office, Keonjhar (031802)

    Land Acqusition Office, Keonjhar

  47. Special Land Acquisition Officer, Keonjhar (031803)

    Collectorate, Keonjhar

  48. Additional District Magistrate, Bhubaneswar (031905)

    Addl. District Magistrate, Bhubaneswar

  49. Collectorate, Khordha (031906)

    Collectorate, Khordha

  50. Deputy Director, Consolidation of Holdings, Bhubaneswar (031907)

    Range Office, Bhubaneswar

  51. Collectorate, Koraput (032001)

    Collectorate, Koraput

  52. District Registrar Office, Koraput (032002)

    District Registrar Office, Koraput

  53. Land Acquisition Office, Koraput (032003)

    Land Acquisition Office, Koraput

  54. Collectorate, Malkangiri (032101)

    Collectorate, Malkangiri

  55. Collectorate, Mayurbhanj (032201)

    Collectorate, Mayurbhanj

  56. Deputy Director, Consolidation of Holdings, Baripada, Mayurbhanj (032202)

    O/O Dy. Director C.H., Baripada, Mayurbhanj

  57. District Office, Mayurbhanj, Baripada (032203)

    Collectorate, Mayurbhanj

  58. Balasore Mayurbhanj Major Settlement Office, Baripada (032204)

    O/o The Settlement Officer, Baripada, Mayurbhanj

  59. Collectorate, Nabarangpur (032301)

    Collectorate, Nabarangpur

  60. District Registrar Office, Nabarangpur (032302)

    District Registrar Office, Nabarangpur

  61. Collectorate, Nayagarh (032401)

    Collectorate, Nayagarh

  62. Collectorate, Nuapada (032501)

    Collectorate, Nuapada

  63. District Registrar Office, Nuapada (032502)

    At/ Po./ Dist.- Nuapada

  64. Collectorate, Puri (032601)

    Collectorate, Puri

  65. Deputy Director, Consolidation of Holdings, Puri (032602)

    Office of the Dy. Director, Consolidation, Puri

  66. District Registration Office, Puri (032603)

    Office of A.D.M & D.R. Puri, Dist-Puri

  67. Settlement Office, Puri (032604)

    Settlement Office, Puri

  68. Collectorate, Rayagada (032701)

    Collectorate, Rayagada

  69. Deputy Director, Consolidation of Holdings, Sambalpur (032802)

    C/O- The Deputy Director, CH. Sambalpur At- Old Collectorate Building, dist- Sambalpur

  70. Collectorate, Sambalpur (032803)

    Collectorate, Sambalpur

  71. Deputy Inspector General of Registration, Northern Range, Sambalpur (032803)

    Deputy Inspector General of Registration, Northern Range, Sambalpur

  72. Revenue Divisional Commissioner, Northern Division, Odisha, Sambalpur (032804)

    Office of the RDC, ND, Sambalpur, At- Kacheri Road, Po- Sambalpur, District- Sambalpur- 768001

  73. District Registrar Office, Sambalpur (032805)

    At/ Po/ Dist.- Sambalpur

  74. Settlement Officer, Major Settlement, Sambalpur (032806)

    Settlement Officer, Sambalpur

  75. Collectorate, Subarnapur (032901)

    Collectorate, Subarnapur

  76. Additional District Magistrate, Rourkela, Sundargarh (033001)

    O/O the ADM Rourkela
    O/O the ADM Rourkela

  77. Collectorate, Sundargarh (033002)

    Collectorate, Sundargarh

  78. District Registrar Office, Sundargarh (033003)


  79. Collectorate, Ganjam (O31101)

    Collectorate Ganjam,Chattrapur

  1. District Sub Registrar Office, Angul (03010101)

    District Sub Registrar Office, Angul

  2. Sub Collector Office, Angul (03010102)

    Office of the Sub Collector, Angul

  3. Sub Collector Office, Athmalik, Angul (03010201)

    Office of the Sub Collector, Athmallik

  4. Sub Registrar Office, Athmallik, Angul (03010202)

    Sub-Registar Office, Athamallik

  5. Sub Registrar Office, Chhendipada, Angul (03010402)

    Sub Registrar Office, Chhendipada, Angul

  6. Sub Collector Office, Pallahara, Angul (03010701)

    Office of the Sub Collector, Pallahara

  7. Sub Registrar Office, Pallahara, Angul (03010703)

    Dist. Sub Registrar Office, Angul

  8. Sub Collector Office, Talcher, Angul (03010801)

    Office of the Sub Collector, Talacher, Hatatotal, Talcher, Dist.- Angul

  9. Sub Registrar Office, Talcher, Angul (03010803)

    Sub-Registrar Office, Talcher, Angul

  10. Sub Registrar Office, Baliapal, Balasore (03020202)

    At/Po/Ps/Dist: Balasore

  11. Consolidation Circle Office, Basta, Balasore (03020301)

    Consolidation Office, Basta, At/ Po.- Basta, 756029, Balasore

  12. Sub Registrar Office, Basta, Balasore (03020303)

    Sub Register Basts, Balasore

  13. Sub Registrar Office, Jaleswar, Balasore (03020502)

    O/o Sub Registrar Office, Jaleswar, Dist.-Balasore

  14. Sub Registrar Office, Jaleswarpur, Balasore (03020503)

    Sub Registarar, Jaleswarpur, Balaswar

  15. Sub Registrar Office, Khaira, Balasore (03020602)

    Sub- Registrar Khaira, Balasore

  16. Sub Collector Office, Nilgiri (03020701)

    Office of the Sub-Collector & Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Nilgiri, Dist.-Balasore
    At./P.O. Nilgiri, P.S. Nilgiri, Dist. Balasore, Pin- 756040

  17. Sub- Registrar Office, Nilagiri, Balasore (03020703)

    Sub- Registrar Office, At: Nilgiri, P.O: Raj Nilgiri, Dist: Balasore

  18. District Sub Registrar Office, Balasore (03021001)

    District Sub-Registrar Office, Balasore

  19. Sub Collector Office, Balasore (03021002)

    Sub-Collector Office, Balasore At/P.O: Balasore, District: Balasore (Odisha), Pin:- 756001

  20. Consolidation Office, Simulia, Soro, Balasore (03021101)

    Consolidation Office, Simulia, At/Po- Soro, Pin 756045, Dist. Jajpur

  21. Sub Registrar Office, Simulia, Balasore (03021103)

    Sub-Registrar Office, Simulia, Balasore

  22. Sub Registrar Office, Soro, Balasore (03021202)

    Sub Registrar, Soro, Balasore

  23. Consolidation Office, Saktinagar, Bargarh (03031301)

    Consolidation Office, At-Saktinagar, Baragarh

  24. Sub Collector Office, Bargarh (03031302)

    Sub-Collector Office, Bargarh

  25. Sub Collector Office, Padampur, Bargarh (03031501)

    Sub Collector office, padampur

  26. Sub Registrar Office, Basudevpur, Bhadrak (03040102)

    Sub-Registar Office, Basudevpur,

  27. Consolidation Office, Bhadrak (03040201)

    Consolidation Office, Bhadrak

  28. District Sub Registrar Office, Bhadrak (03040202)

    District Registrar Office, Bhadrak

  29. Sub Collector Office, Bhadrak (03040203)

    Office of the Sub-Collector, Bhadrak At/Po/Dist- Bhadrak

  30. Sub Registrar Office, Bhandaripokhari, Bhadrak (03040302)

    Sub Registrar Office, Bhandaripokhari, Bhadrak

  31. Sub Registrar Office, Bonth, Bhadrak (03040402)

    Sub Registrar Office, Bonth, At/Po- Bonth, Dist- Bhadrak

  32. Sub Registrar Office, Chandabali, Bhadrak (03040502)

    At/Po- Chandabali, Dist- Bhadrak

  33. Sub Registrar Office, Dhamnagar, Bhadrak (03040602)

    Sub Registrar Office, Dhamnagar, Bhadrak

  34. Sub Registrar Office, Dhusuri, Bhadrak (03040603)

    At/ Po, Dhusuri, Dist. Bhadrak

  35. Assistant Consolidation Office, Tihidi, Bhadrak (03040701)

    Consolidation Office, Tihidi

  36. Sub Registrar Office, Tihidi, Bhadrak (03040703)

    Sub Registrar Office, Tihidi, Bhadrak

  37. District Sub Registrar Office, Balangir (03050201)

    Office of the Dist. Sub- Registrar, Balangir

  38. Sub Registrar Office, Kantabanji, Balangir (03050203)

    Office of the Sub-Registrar, Kantabanji, Dist-Balangir

  39. Sub Registrar Office, Tusra, Balangir (03050602)

    Sub-Registrar, Tusra , Balangir

  40. Sub Registrar Office, Loisingha, Balangir (03050802)

    Office of the Sub-Registrar, Loisingha, PO - Loisingha, Dist- Balangir

  41. Sub Collector Office, Patnagarh, Balangir (03051001)

    Sub Collector Office, Patnagarh,

  42. Sub Registrar Office, Patnagarh, Balangir (03051003)

    SubRegistrar Office, Patnagarh, Balangira

  43. Sub Collector Office, Titilagarh, Balangir (03051301)

    Sub-Collector Office, Titilagarh,

  44. Sub Registrar Office, Titilagarh, Balangir (03051303)

    Office of the Sub-Registrar, Titilagarh, Po.- Titilagarh, Dist.- Balangir

  45. Consolidation Circle Office, Boudh (03060101)

    Consolidation Circle Office, Boudh

  46. District Sub Registrar Office, Boudh (03060102)

    D.S.R. Office, Boudh

  47. Sub Collector Office, Boudh (03060103)

    Sub Collector, Boudh

  48. Sub Registrar Office, Kantamal, Boudh (03060302)

    Sub Registrar, kantamal, Boudh

  49. Sub Collector Office, Athagarh (03070101)

    Sub Collector Office, Athagarh

  50. Sub Registrar Office, Athagarh, Cuttack (03070103)

    Sub Registrar Office, At/PoAthagarh, Dist Cuttack, Pin 754029

  51. Sub Collector Office, Banki, Cuttack (03070201)

    Sub-Collector's Office, Banki, Cuttack

  52. Sub Registrar Office, Banki, Cuttack (03070203)

    Sub-Registrar Office, Banki, Cuttack

  53. Sub Registrar Office, Baramba, Cuttack (03070302)

    Sub Register, Baramba, Cuttack

  54. Sub Registrar Office, Baranga, Cuttack (03070402)

    At.: Naranapur, P.O.: Belagachhia, Via: Baranga, Dist.: Cuttack, PIN: 754005

  55. Consolidation Office, Cuttack Sadar, Cuttack (03070501)

    Consolidation Office, Cuttack-Sadar, At/Po. Kalaninagar, Cuttack-13

  56. Consolidation Office, Mahanga, Cuttack (03070801)

    Consolidation Office, Mahanga, Cuttack

  57. Sub Registrar Office, Mahanga, Cuttack (03070803)

    Sub Registrar Office, Mahanga, At/ Po/ Ps- Mahanaga. Dist. Cuttack

  58. Sub Registrar Office, Narasinghpur, Cuttack (03070902)

    Sub-Registrar Office, t/P.O-Narasinghpur, Dist.-Cuttack

  59. Consolidation Office, Niali, Cuttack (03071001)

    Consolidation Office, Niali, At/ Po- Niali,

  60. Sub Registrar Office, Niali, Cuttack (03071003)

    Sub- Registrar Office, Niali, Cuttack

  61. Consolidation Office, Salipur, Cuttack (03071201)

    Addl. Sub Collector, Dist.-Cuttack

  62. Sub Registrar Office, Salipur, Cuttack (03071203)

    Sub-Registrar Office, At/Po: Salipur, Dist.: Cuttack, Pin-7542202

  63. Sub Registrar Office, Jagatpur, Cuttack (03071302)

    Sub Registrar Office, Jagatpur, Cuttack

  64. Sub Registrar Office, Tigiria, Cuttack (03071402)

    Sub Registrar Office, At/ Po- Tigiria, Dist- Cuttack

  65. District Sub Registrar Office, Cuttack (03071801)

    At/ Po/ Dist.-Cuttack

  66. District Sub Registrar Office, Deogarh (03080401)

    District Registration Office, Deogarh

  67. Sub Collector Office, Deogarh (03080402)

    At-Sub-Collector Office, Deogarh

  68. Sub Registrar Office, Bhuban, Dhenkanal (03090102)

    Office of the Sub Registrar, Bhuban, Dist-Dhenkanal

  69. District Sub Registrar Office, Dhenkanal (03090201)

    District Registration Office, Dhenkanal

  70. Sub Collector Office, Sadar, Dhenkanal (03090202)

    Sub Collector Office Dhenkanal

  71. Sub Collector Office, Hindol (03090401)

    Office of the Sub-Collector, Hindol At/P.O/P.S- Hindol, Dist- Dhenkanal

  72. Sub Registrar Office, Hindol, Dhenkanal (03090403)

    O/o The Sub Registrar, Hindol

  73. Sub Collector Office, Kamakhyanagar, Dhenkanal (03090501)

    At.P.O. Kamakhya Nagar, Dist. Dhenkanal

  74. Sub Registrar Office, Kamakshyanagar, Dhenkanal (03090503)

    Sub Registrar Office, Kamakshya Nagar, Dhenkanal

  75. Sub Registrar Office, Parjang, Dhenkanal (03090802)

    Sub Registrar Office, Parjang, Dhenkanal

  76. Sub Registrar Office, R. Udayagiri, Gajapati (03100702)

    Sub- Registrar, R.Udayagiri, Dist-Gajapati

  77. District Sub Registrar Office, Gajapati, Paralakhemundi (03100901)

    District Sub Registrar, Gajapati

  78. Sub Collector Office, Paralakhemundi, Gajapati (03100902)

    Office of the Sub- Collector, Paralakhemundi

  79. Sub Registrar Office, Aska, Ganjam (03110102)

    Sub-Registrar Office, Aska, Ganjam

  80. Consolidation Office, Bhanjanagar, Ganjam (03110401)

    At/Po.:-Panchapada, Dist.:-Ganjam

  81. Sub Collector Office, Bhanjanagar, Ganjam (03110402)

    Office of the Sub-Collector, Ghumusur, Bhanjanagar, Dist- Ganjam

  82. Sub Registrar Office, Ghumsur, Bhanjanagar (03110404)

    Sub Registrar, Ghumsur, Bhanjanagar

  83. Sub Registrar Office, Buguda, Ganjam (03110502)

    Sub Registrar, Buguda,Ganjam

  84. Sub Collector Office, Chatrapur (03110601)

    Office of the Sub-Collector, Chatrapur, Ganjam

  85. Sub Registrar Office, Chikiti, Ganjam (03110702)

    Sub-Registrar Office, Chikiti, Ganjam

  86. Sub Registrar Office, Digapahandi, Ganjam (03110902)


  87. Consolidation Office, Berhampur, Ganjam (03111001)

    S/o Dr.Rama Chandra Panda, At:Chadiapalli PS: Tahasil, Purusottampur, Ganjam

  88. Sub Registrar Office, Hinjili, Ganjam (03111102)

    Sub-Registrar Office, Hinjili, Ganjam

  89. Sub Registrar Office, Kabisuryanagar, Ganjam (03111302)

    Sub-Registrar Office, Kabisuryanagar, Ganjam

  90. Sub Registrar Office, Khallikote, Ganjam (03111402)

    Sub-Registrar Office, Khallikote, Ganjam

  91. Sub Registrar Office, Patrapur, Ganjam (03111602)

    Sub-registrar Office, Patrapur, Dist-Ganjam

  92. Sub Registrar Office, Purusottampur, Ganjam (03111801)

    Sub-Registrar Office, Purusottampur, Ganjam

  93. Sub Collector Office, Berhampur, Ganjam (03112501)

    Office of the Sub- Collector, Berhampur, Dist- Ganjam

  94. Sub Registrar Office, Berhampur Rural, Ganjam (03112503)

    Sub-Registrar Office, Berhampur (Rural), Ganjam

  95. District Sub Registrar Office, Chhatrapur, Ganjam (03112801)

    District Sub-Registrar Office, Ganjam, Chhatrapur

  96. Sub Registrar Office, Kodala, Ganjam (03113602)

    Subregistrar office, Kodala, Ganjam

  97. Sub Registrar Office, Sorada, Ganjam (03114001)

    Ganjam, Chhatrapur

  98. Sub Collector Office, Jagatsinghpur (03120401)

    Sub-Collector Office, Jagatsinghpur

  99. Sub Registrar Office, Balikuda, Jagatsinghpur (03120402)

    Sub-Registrar, Balikuda, Jagatsinghpur

  100. Consolidation Office, Kujanga, Jagatsinghpur (03120501)

    Consolidation Office, Kujang, At/ Po Rahana, Dist. Jagatsinghpur

  101. Sub Registrar Office, Raghunathpur (03120703)

    At Jagatsingpur Lalasahi Dist Jagatsingpur

  102. Sub Registrar Office, Manijanga (03120802)

  103. Sub Registrar Office, Tirtol (03120803)

  104. Consolidation Office, Jagatsinghpur (03120902)

    Consolidation Office, Jagatsinghpur

  105. Sub Registrar Office, Devidol, Jagatsinghpur (03120904)

    Sub Registrar Office, Devidol, Jagatsinghpur

  106. Sub Registrar Office, Kujang (03120905)

    Sub-Registrar Office, Kujang

  107. Sub Registrar Office, Barchana, Jajpur (03130102)

    Sub Registrar Office, Barchana, Jajpur

  108. Sub Registrar Office, Bari, Jajpur (03130202)

    Sub Registrar, Bari Jajpur

  109. Sub Registrar Office, Mansada, Jajpur (03130501)

    Sub-Registrar Office, Mansada, Jajpur

  110. Consolidation Office, Dharmasala, Jajpur (03130601)

    Consolidation Office, Dharmasala, Jajpur

  111. Sub Registrar Office, Dharmasala, Jajpur (03130603)

    Sub Registrar Office Dharmasala, Jajpur

  112. Consolidation Office, Chhatia, Jajpur (03130701)

    Consolidation Office, Chhatia, At/ Po-Chhatia, Dist.- Jajpur

  113. Consolidation Office, Jajpur (03130702)

    Addl. Sub- Collector,  Jajpur

  114. District Sub Registrar Office, Jajpur (03130703)

    District Sub-Registrar, Jajpur1

  115. Sub Registrar Office, Mangalpur, Jajpur (03130802)

    Sub Registrar Office Mangalpur, Jajpur

  116. Sub Registrar Office, Sukinda, Jajpur (03131003)

    Registration Office, Sukinda, At/ Po-Sukinda, Dist.:Jajpur

  117. Sub Collector Office, Jharsuguda (03140101)

    Sub Collector Office, Jharsuguda

  118. Sub Registrar Office, Jharsuguda (03140102)

    Sub Registrar Office, Jharsuguda

  119. Sub Registrar Office, Lakhanpur, Jharsuguda (03140502)

    At/ Po.- Lakhanpur Dist.- Jharsuguda

  120. District Sub Registrar Office, Kalahandi (03150101)

  121. Sub Collector Office, Bhawanipatna (03150102)

    Sub Collector Office, Bhawanipatna

  122. Sub Collector Office, Dharamgarh (03150201)

    Sub Collector &SDM,Dharamgarh
    At/PO- Dharamgarh

  123. Sub Registrar Office, Dharamgarh, Kalahandi (03150203)

    Dist-Registration Office, Kalahandi, At- Bhawanipatna

  124. Sub Registrar Office, Jaipatna, Kalahandi (03150403)

    Sub Registrar Office, Jaipatna, Dist:Kalahandi

  125. Sub Registrar Office, Madanpur Rampur, Kalahandi (03151102)

    Sub Registrar Office, Madanpur Rampur, Kalahandi

  126. Sub Collector Office, Balliguda, Kandhmal (03160101)

    Sub-Collector Office, At/P.O: Balliguda , District:Kandhamal (Odisha)

  127. District Sub Registrar Office, Kandhamal (03160901)

    District Sub-Registrar Office, Dist-Kandhamal

  128. Sub Collector Office, Kandhamal, Phulabani (03160902)

    Sub-Collector's Office, Kandhamal, Phulbani

  129. Sub Registrar Office, Aul, Kendrapara (03170102)

    Registration Office, Aul, Kendrapara At/ Po/ Ps- Aul, Dist. Kendrapara

  130. Sub Registrar Office, Garadpur, Kendrapara (03170302)

    Sub Registrar Office, Garadpur, Kendrapara

  131. Sub Collector Office, Kendrapada (03170401)

    Office of the Sub Collector, Kendrapada

  132. Consolidation Office, Marshaghai, Kendrapara (03170601)

    O/o the Sub Collector, Kendrapara

  133. Sub Registrar Office, Marshaghai, Kendrapada (03170603)

    Office of the Sub-Registrar, Marshaghai, At/Po/Ps- Marshaghai, Dist- Kendrapada

  134. Consolidation Office, Pattamundai, Kendrapada (03170701)

    At/ Po/ Dist- Kendrapara

  135. Sub Registrar Office, Pattamundai, Kendrapada (03170703)

    Registration Office, Pattamundai, Kendrapada

  136. Sub Registrar Office, Kanika, Kendrapara (03170803)

    Sub Registrar Office, Kanika, At/ Po/ Ps Raja Kanika, Dist. Kendrapara

  137. Sub Registrar Office, Rajnagar, Kendrapada (03170902)

    Sub-Registration Office, Rajangar, At/Po/Ps- Rajangar, Kendrapara

  138. Consolidation Circle Office, Kendrapara (03171001)

    Office of the Consolidation Office, Kendrapara

  139. District Sub Registrar Office, Kendrapara (03171002)

    District Registration Office, Kendrapara. At/Po/Ps/Dist- Kendrapara

  140. Consolidation Office, Anandapur, Keonjhar (03180101)

    Consolidation Office, Anandapur, Keonjhar

  141. Sub Collector Office, Anandapur, Keonjhar (03180102)

    Sub-Collector Office, Anandapur At/Po. Anandapur

  142. Sub Registrar Office, Anandapur, Keonjhar (03180105)

    At/ Po/ Dist- Bhadrak

  143. Sub Collector Office, Champua, Keonjhar (03180301)

    Sub-Collector Office, Champua. At/P.O- Champua Dist - Keonjhar

  144. Sub Registrar Office, Champua, Keonjhar (03180303)

    Sub Registrar Office, At/Po- Champua, Dist.- Keonjhar

  145. Sub Registrar Office, Sainkul, Keonjhar (03180401)

    At/ Po./ Dist- Sainkul , Keonjhar

  146. Sub Registrar Office, Ghatagaon, Keonjhar (03180502)

    Sub-Register, At/P.O.- Ghatagaon, Dist- Keonjhar

  147. Sub Registrar Office, Hatadihi, Keonjhar (03180702)

    Sub Registrar Office, Hatadihi, Keonjhar

  148. District Sub Registrar Office, Keonjhar (03181001)

    District Sub Registrar Office, Keonjhar

  149. Sub Collector Office, Keonjhar (03181002)

    Sub-Collector Office Keonjhar

  150. Sub Registrar Office, Telkoi, Keonjhar (03181302)

    The Sub- Registar, Telkoi At/Po- Telkoi Dist-Keonjhar

  151. Sub Registrar Office, Barbil, Keonjhar (03181502)

    Sub Registrar Office, Barabil, Keonjhar

  152. Sub Registrar Office, Banpur, Khordha (03190302)

    Sub-Registrar Office, Banpur At/Po-Banpur, Pin-752031 Dist-Khordha

  153. District Sub Registrar Office, Bhubaneswar, Khurda (03190501)

    District Sub Registrar Office, Khurda, Bhubaneswar

  154. Sub Collector Office, Bhubaneswar (03190502)

    Sub collector Office, Bhubaneswar

  155. Sub Registrar Office, Bolagarh, Khurda (03190602)

    Tahasil Office, Bolagarh

  156. Sub Registrar Office, Jatni, Khurda (03190802)

    Sub Registrar Office, Po: Jatni, Dist.- Khurda

  157. Sub Collector Office, Khurda (03190901)

    Sub Collector,khurda

  158. Sub Registrar Office, Tangi, Khurda (03191002)

    Sub Registrar Office, Tangi, Dist- Khurda

  159. Sub Registrar Office, Khandagiri, Khurda (03191301)

    District Sub Registrar Office, Khurda, Bhubaneswar

  160. Consolidation Office, Khurda (03191501)

    Addl. Sub-Collector-cum-Consolidation Office, Khurda

  161. Sub Registrar Office, Khurda (03191502)

    Sub Registrar Office,Khurdha At/Po/Dist:Khurdha

  162. Sub Registrar Office, Boriguma, Koraput (03200302)

    O/o. The Sub-Registrar, At/Po. Boriguma, Dist. Koraput

  163. Sub Collector Office, Jeypore, Koraput (03200501)

    Office of the Sub Collector, Po- Jeypore, Dist- Koraput

  164. Sub Collector Office, Koraput (03200601)

    Sub Collector Koraput

  165. Sub Registrar Office, Koraput (03200604)

    Tahasil Office ,Koraput,At/Po-Koraput,Dist - Koraput

  166. Sub Registrar Office, Machhkund, Koraput (03200605)

    Sub- Registrar Office, Machakunda at Lamtaput, Dist-Koraput

  167. Sub Registrar Office, Kotpad, Koraput (03200702)

    O/o. The Sub-Registrar, At/ Po. Kotpad, Dist. Koraput

  168. Sub Registrar Office, Pottangi, Koraput (03201302)

    Office of the Sub-Registrar, Pottangi, Po-Pottangi, Dist-Koraput

  169. District Sub Registrar Office, Malkangiri (03210501)

    At/Po- Malkangiri, Dist- Malkangiri

  170. Sub Collector Office, Malkangiri (03210502)

    At/ Po-Malkangiri, Dist.Malkangiri

  171. Sub Registrar Office, Bahalda, Mayurbhanj (03220102)

    Office of the Sub Registrar , At/ Po/Ps- Bahalda, Dist- Mayurbhanj

  172. District Sub Registrar Office, Mayurbhanj, Baripada (03220401)

    District Sub-Registrar, Mayurbhanj, Baripada

  173. Sub Collector Office, Baripada, Mayurbhanj (03220402)

    Sub-Collector Office, Baripada, At/Po Baripada

  174. Consolidation Office, Baisinga, Mayurbhanj (03220501)

    Consolidation Office, Baisinga, Mayurbhanj

  175. Sub Registrar Office, Betnoti, Mayurbhanj (03220503)

    Sub-Registration Office, Betnoti, Mayurbhanja

  176. Sub Collector Office, Kaptipada, Udala, Mayurbhanj (03221101)

    Sub-Collector, Kaptipada At/Po- Udala Dist- Mayurbhanj

  177. Sub Collector Office, Karanjia, Mayurbhanj (03221201)

    Office of the Sub- Collector, Panchpir

  178. Sub Registrar Office, Panchpir, Karanjia, Mayurbhanj (03221203)

    Sub-Registrar Office, Panchpir,Karanjia,Dist-Mayurbhanj

  179. Sub Collector Office, Bamanghaty, Rairangapur, Mayurbhanj (03221701)

    O/o: The Collector, Po:Rairngapur, Dist:Mayurbhanj

  180. Sub Registrar Office, Bamanghaty, Rairangpur, Mayurbhanj (03221703)

    Sub-Registrar, Bamanghaty, Rairangpur

  181. Sub Registrar Office, Rasgobindapur, Mayurbhanj (03221902)

    Sub Registrar Office, Rasgobindapur, Mayurbhanj

  182. Consolidation Office, Udala, Mayurbhanj (03222601)

    Consolidation Office Udala, Dist-Mayurbhanj

  183. Sub Registrar Office, Kaptipada, Udala, Mayurbhanj (03222603)

    Sub Registrar Office, Kaptipada, Udala, Mayurbhanj

  184. Sub Registrar Office, Dabugam, Nabarangpur (03230202)

    Sub-Registrar office, Dabugaon,

  185. Sub Collector Office, Nabarangpur (03230501)

    Sub Collector Office, Nabarangpur

  186. Sub Registrar Office, Kodinga, Nabarangpur (03230504)

    Sub Registrar Office, Kodinga, Nabarangpur

  187. Sub Registrar Office, Umerkote, Nabarangpur (03231002)

    Sub Registrar Office Umerkote, Nabarangpur

  188. Sub Registrar Office, Daspalla, Nayagarh (03240202)

    Office of the Sub-Registrar, Daspalla, Po- Daspalla, Dist- Nayagarh

  189. Sub Registrar Office, Khandapara, Nayagarh (03240402)

    Office of the Sub-Register, Khandapada, At/Po-Khandapada, Dist-Nayagarh

  190. District Sub Registrar Office, Nayagarh (03240501)


  191. Sub Registrar Office, Odagaon, Nayagarh (03240702)

    Sub Registrar Office, Odagon, Nayagarh

  192. Sub Registrar Office, Ranpur, Nayagarh (03240802)

    Sub Registrar Office, Ranpur, Nayagarh

  193. Sub Registrar Office, Khariar, Nuapada (03250202)

    Office of the Sub Registrar, Khariar, Po-Khariar, Dist.-Nuapada

  194. Sub Collector Office, Nuapada (03250401)

    Sub-Collector Office, Nuapada

  195. Sub Registrar Office, Brahmagiri, Puri (03260202)

    Sub Registrar Office, Brahmagiri, Dist. Puri

  196. Consolidation Office, Gop-Kakatpur, Puri (03260401)

    Consolidation Circle Officer, Gop.Kakatpur, Puri

  197. Sub Registrar Office, Gop (03260403)

    Sub Registar Office, Gop, Puri

  198. Sub Collector Office, Puri (03260502)


  199. Sub Registrar Office, Kanas, Puri (03260602)

    Sub Registrar Office, Kanas, Dist-Puri

  200. Sub Registrar Office, Nimapara, Puri (03260803)

    Sub Registrar Office, Nimapara, Dist.- Puri

  201. Sub Registrar Office, Pipili (03260902)

    Sub-Registrar Office Pipli, Dist: Puri

  202. Sub Registrar Office, Satyabadi, Puri (03261102)

    Sub Registrar Office, Satyabadi, Dist-Puri

  203. Sub Registrar Office, Kakatpur, Puri (03261502)

    Sub Registrar Office, Kakatapur, Puri

  204. Sub Registrar Office, Bisam cuttack, Rayagada (03270102)

    Sub Registrar Officer Bissam Cuttack, Rayagada

  205. Sub Collector Office, Gunupur (03270401)

    Sub-Collector√Ę??s Office, Gunupur

  206. Sub Registrar Office, Gunupur, Rayagada (03270403)

    Sub Registrar Officer, Gunupur, Rayagada

  207. Sub Registrar Office, Kashipur, Rayagada (03270602)

    Sub-Registrar Officer, Kashipur, Rayagada

  208. District Sub Registrar Office, Rayagada (03271101)

    District Sub Registrar Office, Rayagada

  209. Sub Collector Office, Rayagada (03271102)

    Sub Collector Office,Rayagada
    Sub-Collector Office,Rayagada

  210. Sub Collector Office, Kuchinda (03280501)

    Sub Collector Office, Kuchinda

  211. Sub Registrar Office, Kuchinda, Sambalpur (03280503)

    Sub Registrar Office, Kuchinda, Sambalpur

  212. Sub Collector Office, Rairakhol, Sambalpur (03280801)

    Office of the Sub-Collector, Rairakhol Dist-Sambalpur

  213. Sub Registrar Office, Rairakhol, Sambalpur (03280803)

    Sub-Registration Office, At/Po- Rairakhol, Dist-Sambalpur.

  214. Sub Registrar Office, Rengali, Sambalpur (03280902)

    Sub Registrar Office, Rengali, Sambalpur

  215. Consolidation Office, Sambalpur (03281401)

    Consolidation Office, Sambalpur

  216. Sub Collector Office, Sambalpur (03281402)

    Sub-Collector Office, Sambalpur

  217. Sub Registrar Office, Binka, Subarnapur (03290102)

    Sub Registrar Binka, Subarnapur

  218. Sub Collector Office, Birmaharajpur, Sonepur (03290201)

    Sub-collector Office, Birmaharajpur

  219. Sub Registrar Office, Birmaharajpur, Sonepur (03290203)


  220. Consolidation Circle office, Binika, Dunguripalli, Sonepur (03290301)

    Consolidation, Circle Office, Sonepur

  221. Sub Registrar Office, Rampur, Subarnapur (03290303)

    Sub-Registrar Office, Rampur, Subarnpur

  222. District Sub Registrar Office, Subarnapur (03290401)

    District Sub Registrar Office, Subarnapur

  223. Sub Collector Office, Sonepur (03290402)

    Sub-Collector Office, Sonepur

  224. Sub Collector Office, Bonai, Sundargarh (03300401)

    Sub Collector, Bonai

  225. Sub Registrar Office, Bonai, Sundargarh (03300403)

    Sub-Registration Office. At/Po:- Bonaigarh, P.s- Bonaigarh

  226. Sub Registrar Office, Panposh, Sundergarh (03301602)

    Sub-Registrar Office, Panposh, Dist-Sundergarh

  227. Sub Registrar Office, Biramitrapur, Sundergarh (03301802)

    Sub Registrar Office, BIramitrapur, Sundergarh

  228. Sub Registrar Office, Rajgangpur, Sundargarh (03301901)

    Sub RegisrarOffice , Rajgangpur, Sundargarh

  229. Sub Collector Office, Panposh (03302001)

    At/Po-Panposh, Uditnagar, Rourkela, Dist-Sundargarh

  230. Sub Collector Office, Sadar, Sundargarh (03302101)

    Sub Collector, Sundargarh

  1. Tahasil Office, Angul (03010103)

    Tahasil Office, At/Po-Angul

  2. Tahasil Office, Athamallik, Angul (03010104)

    Tahasil Office, Athmallik

  3. Tahasil Office, Banarpal, Angul (03010301)

    Tahasil Office, At/Po-BanarpalOffice

  4. Tahasil Office, Chhendipada, Angul (03010401)

    Tahasil Office, Angul

  5. Tahasil Office, Kaniha, Angul (03010501)

    At/P.O. Tahasil Office, Kaniha, Dist. Angul

  6. Tahasil Office, Kishorenagar, Angul (03010601)

    Tahasil Office, Kishorenagar, Angul

  7. Tahasil Office, Pallahara, Angul (03010702)

    AT/ Po,Pallahara Dist. Angul

  8. Tahasil Office, Talcher, Angul (03010802)

    Tahasil Office, Talcher, Po- Hatatota, Dist- Angul

  9. Tahasil Office, Bahanaga, Balasore (03020101)

    At/Po/PS-Soro, Dist-Balasore

  10. Tahasil Office, Baliapal, Balasore (03020201)

    Tahasildar Baliapal,Balasore

  11. Tahasil Office, Basta, Balasore (03020302)

    O/o Tahasildar, Basta, At/Po.-Baharda, Dist.-Balasore

  12. Tahasil Office, Bhograi, Balasore (03020401)

    Tahasildar Bhograi, At/Po- Jaleswarpur, Balasore

  13. Tahasil Office, Jaleswar, Balasore (03020501)

    Tahasil Office, Jaleswar

  14. Tahasil Office, Khaira, Soro, Balasore (03020601)

    Tahasil Office Khaira, Balasore

  15. Tahasil Office, Nilgiri, Balasore (03020702)

    Office of the Tahasiladar, Nilgiri, At/Po-Nilgiri, Dist-Balasore, PIN-756040

  16. Tahasil Office, Oupada, Balasore (03020801)

    Tahasil Office, Oupada

  17. Tahasil Office, Remuna, Balasore (03020901)

    O/o Tahasildar, Remuna, Dist.-Balasore

  18. Tahasil Office, Balasore (03021003)

    Tahasil Office, Balasore

  19. Tahasil Office, Simulia, Balasore (03021102)

    Tahasil Office, Simulia, Balasore

  20. Tahasil Office, Soro (03021201)

    Tahasil Office, Soro

  21. Tahasil Office, Ambabhona, Bargarh (03030101)

    Tahasil Office Ambabhona, At/P.O.: Ambabhona, Dist.: Bargarh

  22. Tahasil Office, Attabira, Bargarh (03030201)

    Office Of The Tahasildar,Attabira, Baragarh

  23. Tahasil Office, Barpali, Bargarh (03030401)

    Tahasil Office Barpali,At.-Barpali P.O.:Barpali Dist: Bargarh

  24. Tahasil Office, Bhatli, Bargarh (03030501)

    O/o:The Tahasildar,Bhatli At/Po:Bhatli,Dist:Bargarh

  25. Tahasil Office, Bheden, Baragarh (03030601)

    Tahasil Office, bheden, At/Po- Bheden, Dist- Bargarh

  26. Tahasil Office, Bijepur, Baragarh (03030701)

    Tahasil Office, Bijepur, Baragarh

  27. Tahasil Office, Gaisilet, Bargarh (03030801)

    Tahasil Office, Gaisilet, At/Po- Gaisilet, Dist.: Bargarh (Odisha)

  28. Tahasil Office, Jharbandh, Bargarh (03030901)

    Tahasiloffice jharbandh, At/Po-jharbandh,dist-Bargarh

  29. Tahasil Office, Paikamala (03031001)


  30. Tahasil Office, Sohela, Bargarh (03031201)

    At/Po- Sohela, Dist-Bargarh

  31. Tahasil Office, Bargarh (03031303)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Baragarh

  32. Tahasil Office, Padampur, Bargarh (03031502)

    Office of the Tahasildar,Padampur

  33. Tahasil Office, Basudevpur, Bhadrak (03040101)

    Tahasil Office, Basudevpur, Dist.:- Bhadrak

  34. Tahasil Office, Bhadrak (03040204)

    Tahasil Office, Bhadrak, Dist. Bhadrak

  35. Tahasil Office, Bhandaripokhari, Bhadrak (03040301)

    Tahasil Office, Bhandaripokhari, Bhadrak

  36. Tahasil Office, Bonth, Bhadrak (03040401)

    Tahasil Office, Bonth, Dist.- Bhadrak

  37. Tahasil Office, Chandbali, Bhadrak (03040501)

    Tahasildar, Chandbali, At Po/ Chandbali, Dist. :Bhadrak

  38. Tahasil Office, Dhamnagar, Bhadrak (03040601)

    Office of the Tahasildar Dhamnagar, At/Po-Dhamnagar, Dist- Bhadrak, Pin-756111

  39. Tahasil Office, Tihidi, Bhadrak (03040702)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Tihidi Dist:- Bhadrak

  40. Tahasil Office, Agalpur, Balangir (03050101)

    Tahasil Office, Agalpur, Balangir

  41. Tahasil Office, Balangir (03050202)


  42. Tahasil Office, Bangomunda, Balangir (03050301)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Bangomunda, Balangir

  43. Tahasil Office, Belpara, Balangir (03050401)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Belpara, At/ Po.-Belpara, Dist.-Balangir.

  44. Tahasil Office, Deogaon, Balangir (03050501)

    Tahasil Office, Deogaon

  45. Tahasil Office, Tusra, Balangir (03050601)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Tusra Dist. Balangir

  46. Tahasil Office, Khaprakhol, Balangir (03050701)

    Tahasil Office, Khaprakhol, Balangir

  47. Tahasil Office, Loisingha, Bolangir (03050801)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Loisingha, Dist- Bolangir

  48. Tahasil Office, Muribahal, Balangir (03050901)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Muribahal, Dist.- Bolangir

  49. Tahasil Office, Patnagarh, Bolangir (03051002)

    Tahasil Office, Patnagarh, At/ Po.-Patnagarh, Dist.-Balangir, PIN-767025

  50. Tahasil Office, Puintala, Balangir (03051101)

    At/P.O.: Puintala, Dist-Balangir, PIN: 767002

  51. Tahasil Office, Saintala, Balangir (03051201)

    Tahasil Office, Saintala, Dist- Balangir

  52. Tahasil Office, Titilagarh, Balangir (03051302)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Titilagarh, Balangir

  53. Tahasil Office, Kantabanji, Balangir (03051601)

    Tahasil Office, Kantabanji, Balangir

  54. Tahasil Office, Boudh (03060104)

    Tahasil Office Boudh At/Po/Dist.- Boudh

  55. Tahasil Office, Harabhanga, Boudh (03060201)

    Tahasil Office, Harabhanga, Dist- Boudh

  56. Tahasil Office, Kantamal, Boudh (03060301)

    Tahasil Office, Kantamal, Dist: Boudh

  57. Tahasil Office, Athagarh, Cuttack (03070102)

    Tahasil Office, Athagarh, Cuttack

  58. Tahasil Office, Banki, Cuttack (03070202)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Banki

  59. Tahasil Office, Baramba, Cuttack (03070301)

    Tahasil Office, Baramba

  60. Tahasil Office, Baranga, Cuttack (03070401)

    At- Barang, PO- Dadhapatna, PS- Barang, Dist- Cuttack.

  61. Tahasil Office, Dampada, Cuttack (03070502)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Dampada

  62. Tahasil Office, Kishannagar, Cuttack (03070503)

    Tahasil Office, Kishannagar

  63. Tahasil Office, Kantapada, Cuttack (03070701)

    Tahasil Office, Kantapada, Cuttack

  64. Tahasil Office, Mahanga, Cuttack (03070802)

    Tahasil Office, Mahanga, Cuttack

  65. Tahasil Office, Narasinghapur, Cuttack (03070901)

    Tahasil Office, At/Po Narasinghpur, Dist. Cuttack

  66. Tahasil Office, Niali, Cuttack (03071002)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Niali, At/Po-Niali, Dist-Cuttack, Pin-754004

  67. Tahasil Office, Nischintakoili, Cuttack (03071101)


  68. Tahasil Office, Salipur, Cuttack (03071202)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Salipur, At/Po.- Salipur

  69. Tahasil Office, Tangi-Choudwar, Cuttack (03071301)

    Tangi-Choudwar, Tahasil, Jagatpur

  70. Tahasil Office, Tigiria, Cuttack (03071401)

    Office of theTahsildar,Tigiria
    Office of theTahsildar,Tigiria

  71. Tahasil Office, Sadar, Cuttack (03071803)

    Tahasil Office, Sadar, Cuttack

  72. Tahasil Office, Barkote, Deogarh (03080101)

    Tahasiloffice Barkote,At- Purunagarh,Ps/Dist- Deogarh

  73. Tahasil Office, Reamal, Deogarh (03080201)

    O/o The Tahasildar, At, Po,Reamal,Dist. Deogarh

  74. Tahasil Office, Deogarh (03080403)

    Tahasil Office, Deogarh

  75. Tahasil Office, Bhuban, Dhenkanal (03090101)

    Tahasil Office, Bhuban, Dist- Dhenkanal

  76. Tahasil Office, Gondia, Dhenkanal (03090203)

    Tahasil Office, Gondia, Dhenkanal

  77. Tahasil Office, Sadar, Dhenkanal (03090204)

    Tahasil Office Dhenkanal

  78. Tahasil Office, Hindol, Dhenkanal (03090402)

    Tahasil Office, Hindol, At/ Po./ PS.- Hindol, Dist.- Dhenkanal

  79. Tahasil Office, Kamakhyanagar, Dhenkanal (03090502)

    Tahasil Office, Kamakhyanagar, Dhenkanal

  80. Tahasil Office, Kankadahada, Dhenkanal (03090601)

    Tahasil Office, Kankadahada, Dhenkanal

  81. Tahasil Office, Odapada, Dhenkanal (03090701)

    Tahasil Office, Odopada, Dhenkanal

  82. Tahasil Office, Parjang, Dhenkanal (03090801)

    Tahasil Office, Parjang, Dhenkanal

  83. Tahasil Office, Gumma, Gajapati (03100201)

    Tahasil Office, Gumma, Gajapati

  84. Tahasil Office, Kashinagar, Gajapati (03100301)

    Tahasil Office, Kashinagar, Gajapati

  85. Tahasil Office, Mohana, Gajapati (03100401)

    Tahasil Office, Mohana

  86. Tahasil Office, Nuagada, Gajapati (03100501)

    Tahasil Office, Nuagada, Gajapati

  87. Tahasil Office, Rayagada, Gajapati (03100601)

    Tahasil Office, Rayagada

  88. Tahasil Office, R. Udayagiri, Gajapati (03100701)

    Sub Collector Office, Parlakhemundi, Gajapati

  89. Tahasil Office, Paralakhemundi, Gajapati (03100903)

    Tahasil Office, Paralakhemundi, Gajapati

  90. Tahasil Office, Aska, Ganjam (03110101)

    At/Po.- Aska, Dist-Ganjam

  91. Tahasil Office, Bellaguntha, Ganjam (03110301)

    Tahasil Office, Bellaguntha, Dist: Ganjam

  92. Tahasil Office, Ghumusur, Bhanjanagar (03110403)

    Tahasil Office, Ghumusur, At/Po.- Bhanjanagar, Dist.-Ganjam

  93. Tahasil Office, Buguda, Ganjam (03110501)

    At/Po.-Tahasil Office, Buguda, Ganjam 761118

  94. Tahasil Office, Chhatrapur, Ganjam (03110602)

    At-Tahasil Office, Chatrapur, District-Ganjam

  95. Tahasil Office, Chikiti, Ganjam (03110701)

    At/Po- Chikitigada, Dist: Ganjam, Pin No. 761010

  96. Tahasil Office, Dharakote, Ganjam (03110801)

    Tahasil Office, Dharakote, At-Po Dharakote, Dist- Ganjam.

  97. Tahasil Office, Digapahandi, Ganjam (03110901)

    Tahasil Office, At/Po-Digapahandi, Ganjam

  98. Tahasil Office, Ganjam (03111002)

    Tahasil Office, Ganjam, Dist- Ganjam

  99. Tahasil Office, Purushottampur, Ganjam (03111003)

    Tahasil Office, Purushottampur, Dist- Ganjam

  100. Tahasil Office, Hinjilicut, Ganjam (03111101)

    Tahasil Office, At/ Po: Hinjilicut, Dist: Ganjam, Pin No. 761102

  101. Tahasil Office, Jagannathprasad, Ganjam (03111201)

    Tahasil Office, JagannathPrasad

  102. Tahasil Office, Kabisuryanagar, Ganjam (03111301)

    Tahasil Office, At/Po.-Kabisuryanagar Nagar, Ganjam

  103. Tahasil Office, Khallikote, Ganjam (03111401)

    Tahasil Office, Khallikote, At- Nirmaljhar, Dist.- Ganjam

  104. Tahasil Office, Kukudakhandi, Ganjam (03111501)

    Tahasil Office, Kukudakhandi,
    Dist.- Ganjam

  105. Tahasil Office, Patrapur, Ganjam (03111601)

    Tahasil Office, Patrapur, At/Po/Via-Patrapur, Dist. Ganjam

  106. Tahasil Office, Polasara, Ganjam (03111701)

    Tahasil Office, Polasara, At/Po-Polasara, Dist-Ganjam

  107. Tahasil Office, Konisi, Ganjam (03111901)

    Tahasil Office, Konisi, Ganjam

  108. Tahasil Office, Sanakhemundi, Ganjam (03112001)

    Tahasil Office, Sanakhemundi, Ganjam

  109. Tahasil Office, Sheragada, Ganjam (03112101)

    Tahasil Office, Seragada, Ganjam

  110. Tahasil Office, Surada, Ganjam (03112201)

    Tahasil Office, Surrada, Ganjam

  111. Tahasil Office, Berhampur, Ganjam (03112502)

    Tahasil Office, Berhampur, Ganjam, At/P.O.: Berhampur, Dist.: Ganjam

  112. Tahasil Office, Kodala, Ganjam (03113601)

    At/ Po-Kodala, Distric-Ganjam, Pin-761032

  113. Assistant Consolidation Office, Balikuda, Jagatsinghpur (03120101)

    Asst. Consolidation Officer, Balikuda, Jagatsinghpur

  114. Tahasil Office, Balikuda, Jagatsinghpur (03120102)

    Tahasildar Office, Balikuda, Jagatsingpur

  115. Tahasil Office, Biridi, Jagatsinghpur (03120201)

    Tahasil Office, Biridi, At/Po/Kulakaijanga,Via:Biridi Road, Dist: Jagatsinghpur.

  116. Tahasil Office, Erasama, Jagatsinghpur (03120301)

    Office of the Tahasildar,Erasama

  117. Tahasil Office, Kujang (03120502)

    Tahasil Office,Kujanga,Jagatsinghpur

  118. Tahasil Office, Naugaon (03120601)

    Tahasil office, Naugaon

  119. Assistant Consolidation Office (Hqrs), Raghunathpur, Jagatsinghpur (03120701)

    At/ Po- Raghunath Pur, Dist- JagatsinghPur

  120. Tahasil Office, Raghunathpur (03120702)

    AT/ PO- Raghunathpur, Dist.: Jagatsinghpur

  121. Tahasil Office,Tirtol, Jagatsinghpur (03120801)

    Tahasil Office Tirtol, Jagatsinghpur

  122. Assistant Consolidation Office(Hqrs), Charchikabazar, Jagatsinghpur (03120901)

    Consolidation Office, At. Charchikabazar, Jagatsinghpur

  123. Tahasil Office, Jagatsingpur (03120903)

    Tahasil Office, Jagatsinghpur

  124. Tahasil Office, Darpan, Dhanamandal, Jajpur (03130101)

    Tahasil office, Darpan, At/ Po.- Dhanmandal, Dist.- Jajpur
    Tahasil office, Darpan, At/Po.- Dhanmandal, Dist.- Jajpur

  125. Tahasil Office, Bari, Jajpur (03130201)

    Tahasil Office, Bari, Jajpur

  126. Tahasil Office, Binjharpur, Jajpur (03130301)

    Tahasil Office Binjharpur, At/Po. Mashara, Dist. Jajpur, Pin. 755012

  127. Tahasil Office, Dharmasala, Jajpur (03130602)

    At/ Po.- Dharmasala, Dist.- Jajpur

  128. Tahasil Office, Jajpur (03130704)

    Jajpur Tahasil, At/Po/Dist- Jajpur

  129. Tahasil Office, Vyasanagar (03130801)

    Tahasil Office, Vyasanagar, Dist.-Jajpur

  130. Tahasil Office, Rasulpur, Jajpur (03130901)

    At/ Po- Rasulpur, Dist- Jajpur, Pin-75500

  131. Tahasil Office, Danagadi, Jajpur (03131001)

    Danagadi, Tahasil At/Po Danagadi, Dist-Jajpur

  132. Tahasil Office, Sukinda (03131002)

    Tahasil Office, Sukinda, Jajpur

  133. Tahasil Office, Kirmira, Jharsuguda (03140201)

    At- Tahasil Office, Kimira, Dist.- Jharsuguda

  134. Tahasil Office, Kolabira, Jharsuguda (03140301)

    Tahasil office, Kolabira

  135. Tahasil Office, Laikera, Jharsuguda (03140401)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Laikera, Jharsuguda

  136. Tahasil Office, Lakhanpur, Jharsuguda (03140501)

    Tahasil Office Lakhanpur, Jharsuguda

  137. Tahasil Office, Jharsuguda (03140801)

    Tahasildar, Jharsuguda, Po.- Kali Mandir Raod, Dist.- Jharsuguda

  138. Tahasil Office, Kalahandi (03150103)

    At/Po- Bhawanipatna,Dist: Kalahandi,Pin No. 766001

  139. Tahasil Office, Dharamgarh, Kalahandi (03150202)

    O/o. Tahasildar, At/Po. Dharmgarh, Dist. Kalahandi, Pin- 766015

  140. Tahasil Office, Jaipatna, Kalahandi (03150401)

    At/Po: Jaipatna, Dist: Kalahandi, Pin -766108

  141. Tahasil Office, Koksara,kalahandi (03150402)

    Koksara,Dist: Kalahandi,Pin:766109

  142. Tahasil Office, Kalampur, Kalahandi (03150601)

    Tahsil Office, Kalampur, Kalahandi

  143. Tahasil Office, Karlamunda, Kalahandi (03150701)

    Tahasil Office, Karalmunda, Kalahandi

  144. Tahasil Office, Kesinga, Kalahandi (03150801)

    At/ Po.- Kesinga, Dist.- Kalahandi

  145. Tahasil Office, Lanjigarh, Kalahandi (03151001)

    At/Po-Biswanathpur Dist. Kalahandi

  146. Tahasil Office, M.Rampur, Kalahandi (03151101)

    Tahasil Office, M.Rampur, Dist-Kalahandi

  147. Tahasil Office, Narla, Kalahandi (03151201)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Narla, Kalahandi

  148. Tahsil Office, Balliguda (03160102)

    Tahasil office, Baliguda

  149. Tahasil Office, Chakapad, Kandhamal (03160201)

    At/Po:- Chakapad Dist. Kandhamal

  150. Tahasil Office, Daringbadi, Kandhamal (03160301)

    Tahasil Office, Daringbadi, Dist.- Kandhamal

  151. Tahasil Office, G. Udayagiri (03160401)

    Tahasil Office, G. Udayagiri

  152. Tahasil Office, K. Nuagam, Kandhamal (03160501)

    Tahasil Office, K.Nuagaon, Dist. Kandhamal

  153. Tahasil Office, Khajuripada, Kandhamal (03160601)

    Tahasil Office, Khajuripada, Kandhamala

  154. Tahasil Office, Kotagarh, Kandhamal (03160701)

    Tahasil Office, Kotagarh, Kandhamal

  155. Tahasil Office, Phiringia, Kandhamal (03160801)

    Tahasil Office, Phiringia, Kandhamal

  156. Tahasil Office, Kandhamal, Phulbani (03160903)

    Tahasil Office, Khondmals, Phulbani

  157. Tahasil Office, Raikia, Kandhamal (03161001)

    At/ Po: Raikia, Dist.- Kandhamal

  158. Tahasil Office, Tikabali, Kandhamal (03161101)

    Tahasil Office, Tikabali, Dist. Kandhamal

  159. Tahasil Office, Tumudibandha, Kandhamal (03161201)

    Tahasil Office, Tumudibandha, Kandhamal

  160. Tahasil Office, Aul, Kendrapada (03170101)

    O/o: The Tahasildar, Aul,Dist: Kendrapara,Orissa

  161. Tahasil Office, Derabish, Kendrapada (03170201)

    Tahasil Office, Derabish, Kendrapada

  162. Tahasil Office, Garadpur, Kendrapada (03170301)

    Garadpur Tahasil Garadpur, Garadpur

  163. Tahasil Office, Kendrapada (03170402)


  164. Tahasil Office, Keyarbank, Mahakalpada, Kendrapada (03170501)

    Mahakalapara Tahasil, Keya Bank, Kendrapada

  165. Tahasil Office, Marshaghai, Kendrapada (03170602)

    Tahasil Office

  166. Tahasil Office, Pattamundai, Kendrapada (03170702)

    Pattamundai Tahasil, Pattamundai, Kendrapara.

  167. Tahasil Office, Kanika, Kendrapada (03170801)

    Tahasil Office, Kanika, At/ Po.- rajkanika, P.S.- Rajkanika, Dist.- Kendrapara

  168. Tahasil Office, Rajkanika (03170802)

    Tahasil Office, Rajkanika

  169. Tahasil Office, Rajnagar, Kendrapada (03170901)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Rajnagar

  170. Tahasil Office, Anandpur, Keonjhar (03180103)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Anandpur, Keonjhar

  171. Tahasil Office, Ghasipura-N, Keonjhar (03180104)

    Tahasil Office, At/Po-Ghasipuran,
    Andapur, Keonjhar

  172. Tahasil Office, Bansapal, Keonjhar (03180201)

    Tahasil Office, At Po-Banspal

  173. Tahasil Office, Harichandanpur, Keonjhar (03180601)

    Tahasil Office, Harichandanpur, Keonjhar

  174. Tahasil Office, Hatadihi, Keonjhar (03180701)

    Tahasil Office, At/Po- Hatadihi, Keonjhar

  175. Office of the Tahasildar, Jhumpura, Keonjhar (03180801)

    Tahasil Office, At/P.O/P.S.-Jhumpura, Keonjhar.

  176. Tahasil Office, Keonjhar (03181003)

    Tahasil Office, Keonjhar

  177. Tahasil Office, Patna, Keonjhar (03181101)

    At/Po- Patna, Dist- Keonjhar

  178. Tahasil Office, Saharpada, Keonjhar (03181201)

    Saharpada Tahasil Office, Saharpada, Pin-758016

  179. Tahasil Office, Telkoi, Keonjhar (03181301)

    Tahasil Office, At/Po-Telkoi

  180. Tahasil Office, Barabil, Keonjhar (03181501)

    Tahasil Office Barbil, Dist. Keonjhar

  181. Tahasil Office, Balianta, Khurda (03190101)

    Tahasil Office, Balianta, Dist-Khurda

  182. Tahasil Office, Balipatna, Khurda (03190202)

    Tahasil office, Balipatna, Dist- Khurda

  183. Tahasil Office, Banpur, Khurda (03190301)

    Tahasil Office, Banpur, Khurda

  184. Tahasil Office, Begunia (03190402)

    Tahasil Office, Begunia

  185. Tahasil Office, Bhubaneswar (03190503)

    Tahasil Office, Bhubaneswar

  186. Tahasil Office, Bolagarh, khurda (03190601)

    Tahasil Office, Bolagarh, Dist.- Khordha

  187. Tahasil Office, Chilika, Gangadharpur, Khurda (03190701)

    Tahasil Office, Chilika, Dist.- Khurda

  188. Tahasil Office, Jatni (03190801)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Jatni

  189. Tahasil Office, Khurda (03190902)

    Tahasil Office, Khurda

  190. Tahasil Office, Tangi, Khurda (03191001)

    Tahasil Office, Tangi, Dist- Khurda

  191. Tahasil Office, Bandhugaon, Koraput (03200101)

    Tahasil Office, Bamdhugaon

  192. Tahasil Office, Boipariguda, Koraput (03200201)

    Tahasil Office, At/Po. Boipariguda, Koraput

  193. Tahasil Office, Borigumma, Koraput (03200301)

    At/Po- Borigumma, Dist- Koraput

  194. Tahasil Office, Dasamantpur, Koraput (03200401)

    Tahasil Office, Dasmantpur, Koraput

  195. Tahasil Office, Jeypore, Koraput (03200502)

    Tahasil Office, Jeypore, Po.-Jeypore

  196. Tahasil Office, Koraput (03200602)

    Tahasil Office, Koraput

  197. Tahasil Office, Machkund, Koraput (03200603)

    Tahsildar, Machkund AT/Po : Machkund, Dist: Koraput, Pin No. 764040

  198. Tahasil Office, Kotpad, Koraput (03200701)

    Tahasildar, Kotpad, At/ Po.- Kotpad, Dist.- Koraput

  199. Tahasil Office, Kundra, Koraput (03200801)

    Tahasil Office, Kundra, Koraput

  200. Tahasil Office, Laxmipur, Koraput (03201001)

    Tahasil Office Laxmipur

  201. Tahasil Office, Nandapur, Koraput (03201101)

    At/Po: Nandapur Dist.- Koraput

  202. Tahasil Office, Narayanapatna, Koraput (03201201)

    Taliasil Office, Narayanpatna, At/ Ps-Narayanpatna. Dist.-Koraput Pin-765014

  203. Tahasil Office, Pottangi, Koraput (03201301)

    Tahasil Office, Pottangi, Koraput

  204. Tahasil Office, Semiliguda, Koraput (03201401)

    Tahasil Office, Semiliguda, Koraput

  205. Tahasil Office, Kalimela, Malkangiri (03210101)

    At/Po-Kalimela,Dist. Malkangiri

  206. Tahasil Office, Khairput, Malkangiri (03210201)

    Tahasil Office, Khairput

  207. Tahasil Office, Chitrakonda, Malkangiri (03210301)

    At/ Po./ Ps.- Chitrakonda, Dist.- Malkangiri, Odisha, Pin- 764052

  208. Tahasil Office, Kudumuluguma, Malkangiri (03210401)

    Tahasil Office, Kudumuluguma, Malkangiri

  209. Tahasil Office, Malkangiri (03210503)

    At/ Po./ Dist.- Malkangiri

  210. Tahasil Office, Motu, Malkangiri (03210504)

    Tahasil Office, At/ Po./ Ps.- Motu, Dist.- Malkangiri, Odisha

  211. Tahasil Office, Mathili, Malkangiri (03210601)

    At/Po.- Mathili, Dist.- Malkangiri

  212. Tahasil Office, Bahalda, Mayurbhanj (03220101)

    Office of the Tahasildar, At/Po- Bahalda, Dist- Mayurbhanj

  213. Tahasil Office, Bangriposi, Mayurbhanj (03220201)

    Tahasil Office, Bangirposi, Mayurbhanj

  214. Tahasil Office, Badasahi, Mayurbhanj (03220301)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Badasahi, Mayurbhanj

  215. Tahasil Office, Baripada, Mayurbhanj (03220403)

    O/o The Tahasildar,Baripada,At/Po:Baripada Dist:Mayurbhanj, Pin-757001

  216. Tahasil Office, Gopabandhunagar, Mayurbhanj (03220404)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Gopabandhunagar, Mayurbhanj

  217. Tahasil Office, Betnoti (03220502)

    Tahasil Office, Betnoti

  218. Tahasil Office, Bijatala, Mayurbhanj (03220601)

    Tahasil Office, Bijatala, Mayurbhanj

  219. Tahasil Office, Bisoi, Mayurbhanj (03220701)

    Tahasil Office, Bisoi, Mayurbhanj

  220. Tahasil Office, Jamda, Mayurbhanj (03220901)

    Office of the Tahasildar, At/Po- Jamda, Dist- Mayurbhanj Pin:757045

  221. Tahasil Office, Jashipur, Mayurbhanj (03221001)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Jashipur, Mayurbhanj

  222. Tahasil Office, Kaptipada, Mayurbhanj (03221102)

    Office of the Tahasildar Kaptipada, At/Po.- kaptipada, Dist.- Mayurbhanj

  223. Tahasil Office, Karanjia (03221202)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Karanjia, Dist.-Mayurbhanj

  224. Tahasil Office, Khunta, Mayurbhanj (03221301)

    Tahasil Office, Khunta

  225. Tahasil Office, Kuliana, Mayurbhanj (03221401)

    O/o the Tahasildar Kuliana, At/ Po.- Kuliana, Dist.-Mayurbhanj

  226. Tahasil Office, Kusumi, Badampaharpur, Mayurbhanj (03221501)

    Tahasil Office Office Kusumi, Badampahar, Mayurbhanj

  227. Tahasil Office, Morada, Mayurbhanj (03221601)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Morada, Mayurbhanj

  228. Tahasil Office, Rairangpur, Mayurbhanj (03221702)

    Tahasil Office Rairangpur, Mayurbhanj

  229. Tahasil Office, Raruan, Mayurbhanj (03221801)

    Office of the Tahasildar Raruan, At/Po-Raruan, Dist- Mayurbhanj

  230. Tahasil Office, Rasgobindpur, Mayurbhanj (03221901)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Rasgobindpur, Mayurbhanj

  231. Tahasil Office, Samakhunta, Mayurbhanj (03222001)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Samakhunta, Mayurbhanj

  232. Tahasil Office, Saraskana, Mayurbhanj (03222101)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Saraskana, Mayurbhanj

  233. Tahasil Office, Sukruli, Mayurbhanj (03222201)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Sukruli

  234. Tahasil Office, Suliapada, Mayurbhanj (03222301)

    Tahasil Office, Suliapada, Mayurbhanj

  235. Tahasil Office, Thakurmunda, Mayurbhanj (03222401)

    Tahasil Office, Thakurmunda, Mayurbhanj

  236. Tahasil Office, Tiring, Mayurbhanj (03222501)

    Tahasildar Tiring, Mayurbhanj

  237. Tahasil Office, Udala, Mayurbhanj (03222602)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Udala, Mayurbhanj

  238. Tahasil Office, Chandahandi, Nabarangpur (03230101)

    Tahasil Office, Chandahandi

  239. Tahasil Office, Dabugam, Nabarangpur (03230201)

    Tahasil Office, Dabugaon

  240. Tahasil Office, Jharigam, Nabarangpur (03230301)

    At/Po/ Jharigam, Dist.: Nabarangpur

  241. Tahasil Office, Kodinga, Nabarangpur (03230502)

    Tahasil Office, Kodinga, Nabarangpur

  242. Tahasil Office, Nabarangpur (03230503)

    Tahasil Office, Nabarangpur

  243. Tahasil Office, Nandahandi, Nabarangpur (03230601)

    Tahasil Office, Nandahandi, Nabarangpur

  244. Tahasil Office, Papadahandi, Nabarangpur (03230701)

    Tahasil Office, Papadahandi

  245. Tahasil Office, Raighar, Nabarangpur (03230801)

    Tahasil Office, Raighar

  246. Tahasil Office, Tentulikhunti, Nabarangpur (03230901)

    Tahsil Office, Tentulikhunti

  247. Tahasil Office, Umarkote, Nabarangpur (03231001)

    Tahasil Office, Umarkote

  248. Tahasil Office, Bhapur (03240101)

    Tahasildar Office, Bhapur

  249. Tahasil Office, Daspalla, Nayagarh (03240201)

    Tahasil office, Daspalla, At/Po-Daspalla, Dist- Nayagarh

  250. Tahasil Office, Gania, Nayagarh (03240301)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Gania, Nayagarh

  251. Tahasil Office, Khandapara, Nayagarh (03240401)

    At-Tahasil Office Khandapara, Dist. Nayagarh

  252. Tahasil Office, Nayagarh (03240502)

    Tahasildar Nayagarh , At/Po./ Dist. Nayagarh
    At/Po. Nayagarh

  253. Tahasil Office, Odagaon (03240701)

    At/Po. Odagaon, Dist. Nayagarh

  254. Tahasil Office, Ranpur, Nayagarh (03240801)

    At.Tahasil Office,Po.

  255. Tahasil Office, Boden, Nuapada (03250101)

    Tahasil Office, Boden

  256. Tahasil Office, Khariar (03250201)

    Khariar Tahasil Office

  257. Tahasil Office, Komna, Nuapada (03250301)

    Tahasil Office, Komna, Nuapada

  258. Tahasil Office, Nuapada (03250402)

    Tahasil Office, Nuapada

  259. Tahasil Office, Sinapali, Nuapada (03250501)

    Tahasil Office Sinapali, Nuapada

  260. Tahasil Office, Astarang, Puri (03260101)

    Tahasil Office, Astarang, Puri

  261. Tahasil Office, Brahmagiri, Puri (03260201)

    Tahasil Office, Brahmagiri, At/ Po- Brahmagiri, Dist-Puri

  262. Tahasil Office, Delang, Puri (03260301)

    Tahasil office Delang, At:Rench, Po:Berboi, Dist:Puri PIN:752016, Odisha

  263. Tahasil Office, Gop, Puri (03260402)

    Office of the Tahasildar, Gop, Puri

  264. Tahasil Office, Kakatpur, Puri (03260501)

    Tahasil Office, Kakatpur, Puri

  265. Assistant Consolidation Office, Puri Circle, Puri (03260501)

    Assistant Consolidation Office, Puri Circle, Dist- Puri

  266. Tahasil Office, Kanas, Puri (03260601)

    At/P.O./P.S.: Kanas, Dist.-Puri

  267. Assistant Consolidation Office, Nimapara, Puri (03260801)

    Asst. Consolidation Office, Nimapara, Puri

  268. Tahasil Office, Nimapara (03260802)

    Tahasil Office, Nimapara, Puri

  269. Tahasil Office, Pipili, Puri (03260901)

    Pipli Tahasil, Pipli, Puri

  270. Tahasil Office, Satyabadi, Puri (03261101)

    Tahasil Office, Sakhigopal

  271. Tahasil Office, Puri Sadar (03261501)

    Puri Tahasil Office At/Po-Puri Dist-Puri

  272. Tahasil Office, Bissamcuttack, Rayagada (03270101)

    Bissamcuttack Tahasil

  273. Tahasil Office, Chandrapur, Rayagada (03270201)

    Tahasil Office, Chandrapur At/P.O. Chandrapur, Via. Maniguda, Dist.: Rayagada

  274. Tahasil Office, Gudari, Rayagada (03270301)

    Tahasildar, Gudari, At/Po/Dist- Rayagada

  275. Tahasil Office, Gunupur, Rayagada (03270402)

    Tahasildar Gunupur, At/Po/Dist-Rayagada

  276. Tahasil Office, K.Singpur, Rayagada (03270501)

    Tahasil Office, At/Po. K. Singpur

  277. Tahasil Office, Kashipur, Rayagada (03270601)

    Tahasil Office, Kashipur, At/P.O. Kashipur, Dist.: Rayagada

  278. Tahasil Office, Kolnora, Rayagada (03270701)

    Tahasil Office, Kolnora, At/ Po- Kolnora, Dist.-Rayagada

  279. Tahasil Office, Muniguda, Rayagada (03270801)

    At/ Po.- Muniguda, Rayagada

  280. Tahasil Office, Padmapur, Rayagada (03270901)

    Tahasil Office, Padampur, Rayagada

  281. Tahasil Office, Ramanaguda, Rayagada (03271001)

    Tahasil Office Ramanagada, Rayagada

  282. Tahasil Office, Rayagada (03271103)

    Tahasil Office,At/Po- Rayagada

  283. Tahasil Office, Bamra, Sambalpur (03280101)

    Tahasil Office, Bamra, Sambalpur

  284. Tahasil Office, Jamankira, Sambalpur (03280301)

    Tahasil Office, Jamankira, Dist.-Sambalpur

  285. Tahasil Office, Jujomura, Sambalpur (03280401)

    Tahasil office, Jujomura, Po.: Jujormura, Dist.- Sambalpur

  286. Tahasil Office, Kuchinda, Sambalpur (03280502)

    Tahasil, Kuchinda, Sambalpur

  287. Tahasil Office, Maneswar, Sambalpur (03280601)

    Tahasil Office,Maneswar, Sambalpur
    Tahasil Office,Maneswar, Sambalpur

  288. Tahasil Office, Naktideul, Sambalpur (03280701)

    Tahasil Office, Naktideul, Sambalpur

  289. Tahasil Office, Rairakhol, Sambalpur (03280802)

    Tahasil Office, Rairakhol

  290. Tahasil Office, Rengali, Sambalpur (03280901)

    Tahasil Office, Rengali, Dist.-Sambalpur

  291. Tahasil Office, Sadar, Sambalpur (03281403)

    Tahasil Sambalpur, At- Kacheri Road, Po./ Dist.- Sambalpur

  292. Tahasil Office, Binka, Sonepur (03290101)

    Tahasil Office, Binka, Subarnapur

  293. Tahasil Office, Birmaharajpur, Sonepur (03290202)

    Tahasil Office, Biramaharajpur, Dist.- Sonepur

  294. Tahasil Office, Rampur, Sonepur (03290302)

    Tahasil Office, Rampur

  295. Tahasil Office, Sonepur (03290403)

    Tahasil Office Sonepur

  296. Tahasil Office, Tarbha, Sonepur (03290501)

    Tahasil Office, Tarbha, Sonepur

  297. Tahasil Office, Ullunda, Subarnapur (03290601)

    Tahasil Office, Ullunda

  298. Tahasil Office, Balisankara, Sundargarh (03300101)

    Tahasil Office, At/ Po- Balisankara, Dist- Sundargarh

  299. Tahasil Office, Bargaon, Sundergarh (03300201)

    Tahasil Office Bargaon, At/ Po-Bargaon, Dist- Sundargarh

  300. Tahasil Office, Bisra, Sundargarh (03300301)

    Tahasil office, Bisra

  301. Tahasil Office, Bonai, Sundargarh (03300402)

    Tahasil Office, Bonai

  302. Tahasil Office, Gurundia, Sunderagarh (03300501)

    Tahasildar.At- Po-Gurundia, Dist.-Sundargarh

  303. Tahasil Office, Hemgiri, Sundargarh (03300601)

    Tahasil Office, Hemgiri, Sundergarh

  304. Tahasil Office, Koira, Sundargarh (03300701)

    Tahasil Office Koira, Sundargarh

  305. Tahasil Office, Kuarmunda,Sundargarh (03300801)

    Panposh Tahasil At/Po- Kuarmunda, Dist: Sundargarh

  306. Tahasil Office, Kutra, Sundargarh (03300901)

    Tahasil Office, Kutra At/P.O.-Kutra, Dist. - Sundargarh

  307. Tahasil Office, Lahunipara, Sundargarh (03301001)

    Tahasil Office, Lahunipara, Sundargarh

  308. Tahasil Office, Lathikata, Sundergarh (03301101)

    O/O the Tahasildar, Lathikata, At/ Po, Latthikata, Dist. Sundargarh

  309. Tahasil Office, Lephripara, Sundergarh (03301201)

    Tahasil office, Lephripara

  310. Tahasil Office, Rajgangpur, Sundargarh (03301401)

    Tahasil Office, Rajgangpur

  311. Tahasil Office, Subdega, Sundergarh (03301501)

    Tahasil Office, Subdega, Sundergarh

  312. Tahasil Office, Sadar, Sundargarh (03301601)

    Tahasil Office Sadar, Sundargarh
    Tehsil Office Sadar, Sundargarh

  313. Tahasil Office, Tangarpali (03301701)

    Tahasil Office, Tangarpali

  314. Tahasil Office, Biramitrapur (03301801)

    Tahasil Office, Biramitrapur, Sundargarh

  315. Tahasil Office, Rourkela, Sundergarh (03302002)

    O/o: The Tahasildar,Rourkela,C/o- Office P.A.ITDA, Panposh,Rourkela-12

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