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How Government councils are using Make My Report to streamline their data collection and reporting

How Government councils are using Make My Report to streamline their data collection and reporting


The State Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (SCTE&VT) is responsible for administrating technical education and vocational training in Odisha. With over 157 Diploma Institutes under its purview, SCTE&VT must collect and report data regularly. However, the traditional data collection and reporting methods were time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors. SCTE&VT needed a solution that could streamline its data collection and reporting processes. This is where Make My Report came in.

Make My Report:

Make My Report is a data collection and reporting platform that provides customizable templates for various types of reports. Through Make My Report, one can communicate with their contacts, give a dateline to submit the data, and monitor their contacts' responses. The RPA-based automated reminder helps follow up with your contacts to gather data within the desired timeline. The platform also offers access to filter and create analytical & graphical reports on this platform, along with an option for advanced analytics through Google Data Studio, Power Bi, etc.

SCTE&VT used Make My Report to create standardized report templates that were shared with its affiliated institutes. These templates helped streamline the data collection process by providing a clear and concise format for the institutes to follow.

Reports Created:

SCTE&VT created several report templates using Make My Report. These included:

  • Faculty Details report for all Polytechnics and Engineering Schools
  • Status report of Biometric devices of Engineering schools & Polytechnics
  • Report on Employees Information of ITIs Under SCTEVT Odisha
  • Status report on Online exam Centre of ITI
  • Report on Faculty Interested in Faculty Development Program
  • Status reports of Trainees of Govt ITI practicing Online Mock Test
  • Report for flying Squad
  • Application for Affiliation of Polytechnics & Engineering Schools
  • Report on Grading of Polytechnics
  • Report on Correction of Student name as well as guardian’s name on SCTEVT Registration Certificate
  • Status report on Industry-Sponsored Lab Report
  • Equipment & Fund Status report
  • Status report on NBA Accreditation
  • Report for Question Indent

Response Received:

The Make My Report platform allowed SCTE&VT to distribute these report templates electronically, making it easy for affiliated institutes to complete them and submit them on time. SCTE&VT received over 19,000 responses from the 157 Diploma Institutes, which made the data collection process more efficient.

Improvement in work efficiency:

Make My Report streamlined SCTE&VT's data collection and reporting process, significantly improving work efficiency. Here are some specific ways in which this was achieved:

Standardized report format: Make My Report created a standardized report format for all SCTE&VT reports, ensuring that all required information was included and presented consistently. This eliminated confusion and ambiguity, making it easier for SCTE&VT staff to collect and analyze data.

Automated data collection: Make My Report's platform allowed for automated data collection, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the likelihood of errors. This saved time and resources, allowing SCTE&VT staff to focus on other important tasks.

Centralized data storage: All data collected through Make My Report was stored in a centralized database, which made it easy for SCTE&VT staff to access and analyze data. This eliminated the need to manually search for data across multiple sources, saving time and improving accuracy.

Real-time reporting: Make My Report allowed for real-time reporting, meaning that SCTE&VT staff could access the latest data anytime. This allowed for more informed decision-making and ensured that SCTE&VT could quickly respond to any issues that arose.


By using Make My Report, SCTE&VT was able to streamline its data collection and reporting processes, resulting in a more efficient, timely, and accurate system. The use of standardized report templates ensured that data was collected uniformly across all affiliated institutes, making it easier to analyze and report on. Furthermore, the platform's electronic distribution system allowed for easy tracking of submissions and timely data collection. Overall, the implementation of Make My Report has been a great success for SCTE&VT, and it is expected to continue streamlining the council's data collection and reporting processes in the future.

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How can Educational Institutions use Make My Report ?

How can Educational Institutions use Make My Report ?

In recent years, educational institutions have been under increasing pressure to collect and report on data to meet accountability and accreditation requirements, improve program effectiveness, and enhance student outcomes. However, many institutions struggle to collect and analyze data efficiently, and their reporting processes can be time-consuming and error-prone. Make My Report offers a solution to streamline data collection, analysis, and reporting for educational institutions.

Challenges in Data Collection and Reporting:

Collecting and reporting on data can be challenging for educational institutions due to the following factors:

Disparate data sources: educational institutions often collect data from various sources, including surveys, assessments, student records, and program evaluations. This data is usually stored in different systems and formats, making it challenging to analyze and report.

Lack of standardized processes: Without standardized processes for data collection and reporting, educational institutions may face inconsistencies, data quality issues, and inefficiencies.

Limited resources: educational institutions may have limited resources, including time, staff, and technology, making it difficult to collect and report on data effectively.

How Make My Report Can Help:

Make My Report provides educational institutions with a comprehensive platform that can help them address these challenges and streamline their data collection and reporting processes. Here are some key benefits of using Make My Report:

Centralized data collection: With Make My Report, educational institutions can collect data from multiple sources and store it in one central location, making it easier to manage and analyze.

Customizable forms: educational institutions can create custom forms and surveys using Make My Report's drag-and-drop interface, which simplifies the process of creating and distributing surveys and questionnaires.

Data visualization: Make My Report provides various data visualization tools, including charts, graphs, and tables, which can help educational institutions analyze and report on data more effectively. It also offers advanced analytics through Google Data Studio and Power Bi.

Automated reporting: Make My Report automates the reporting process, making it easier for educational institutions to generate reports on their data. Reports can be customized and exported in various formats, including PDF, Excel, and CSV.

User-friendly: Make My Report is designed to be user-friendly, meaning educational institutions can implement the platform with minimal training or technical expertise.


Educational institutions face many challenges when it comes to collecting and reporting on data. Make My Report offers a user-friendly, comprehensive solution to help educational institutions streamline their data collection and reporting processes, making it easier to analyze data and make data-driven decisions. By using Make My Report, educational institutions can improve their programs, enhance student outcomes, and meet accountability and accreditation requirements more effectively.

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How can marketing department use Make My Report?

How can marketing department use Make My Report?

Make My Report is a tool that marketing departments can use to create professional-looking reports and forms. Some ways that marketing departments can use Make My Report include:

Creating reports on marketing campaigns:


Marketing departments can use Make My Report to create reports on the results of marketing campaigns, including data on reach, engagement, and conversions.

Lead Generation Reports:


Marketing departments can use the Make My Report to leads list where the marketing executives will enter the lead details and thereby the marketing department will get a consolidated list of leads generated from the team.

Creating marketing surveys:


Marketing departments can use Make My Report to collect customer feedback/reviews on the product and customer satisfaction.

Creating reports for internal use:

Marketing departments can use Make My Report to create reports for internal use, such as reports on market trends, customer demographics, and competitive analysis.

By using Make My Report, marketing departments can create professional-looking reports and marketing surveys that are visually appealing and easy to read.

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How to make your Report more visually beautiful?

How to make your Report more visually beautiful?

MakeMyReport provides several options to make your report more visually appealing.

Use a custom theme: You can use the "Change Theme" option in the "Change Theme" menu to choose from a variety of pre-designed themes or create your own custom theme.

Use images and graphics: You can add images and graphics to your form by using the "Insert" menu and selecting "Image" or "Drawing."

Choose an appropriate font and font size: You can change the font and font size of your form by using the "Change Theme" menu and selecting "Font and Paragraph Spacing."

Use appropriate colors: You can change the colors of your form by using the "Preview form" menu and selecting "Colors."

Use appropriate layout: You can change the layout of your form by using the "Change Theme" menu and selecting "Form Layout."

Proofread and edit: Make sure your form is free of errors and typos, as these can distract from the overall appearance of your form.

By following these tips, you can create a visually appealing form that is easy to read and understand.

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If Google Forms is always free, why use MakeMyReport?

If Google Forms is always free, why use MakeMyReport?

Maybe you didn't know, but MakeMyReport is also free. When you sign up for MakeMyReport, you can access our 60+ templates along with robust analytics and reporting.

Plus, MakeMyReport keeps you organized. You can create multiple admins for a hierarchical workflow. You can add contacts and send forms to only desired contacts or groups. We're also integrated with many of the most popular online tools so you can manage your form entries and day-to-day business data and tasks in one place.

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Is Make My Report better than Google form?

Is Make My Report better than Google form?

MakeMyReport is an everyday tool for creating & compile dynamic reports, whereas Google has a form builder too. Let's compare MakeMyReport and Google Forms to see which will help you meet your goals.


Make My Report

Google forms

Compulsion of having Google account

Not required


Customizable charts & reporting


Not Available

Limitation on files & attachments size



Professional form templates



Add Contacts


Not Available

Send forms to desired contacts


Not Available

Multiple admin for a hierarchical workflow


Not Available

Customizable forms

Completely customize the look and feel of your forms/reports, from buttons to font and beyond.

Google Forms has 15 different colour options as well as the option to add header pictures to forms.

Fetching data from other software


Not Available

Question/Field types



256-bit SSL


Not Available

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How Make My Report helps you to build a form easily?

How Make My Report helps you to build a form easily?

Make My Report is a web-based tool for creating & compile dynamic reports. It can import data from multiple sources per the business requirement by connecting to their desired offices, contacts, and partners in a web-based environment. It can be integrated with the organization's existing intranet to streamline its reporting structure. MakeMyReport helps you to build forms quickly. Because you can

  • Choose from 100 plus existing predesigned templates.
  • Create a requisite format for seeking information/data as an admin.
  • Connect all the branch offices or multiple contacts.
  • See whether the assigned contacts filled out the response or not.
  • Generate Consolidated report.
  • Protect your internal communication data.
  • See the defaulters on report submission, as they are automatically flagged.
  • Access grass-root level information in the organization.
  • Use the mobile application for easy access.
  • Integrate with any existing system.

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