Make yourself free from all types of manual reporting by using Make my Report which in turn makes your life easy by collating data from multiple sources.!!

What is MakeMyReport?
Make My Report is a web-based tool to create & compile dynamic reports. It can import data from multiple sources as per the business requirement by connecting to their desired offices, contacts, partners in a web based environment. It can be integrated with the organization's existing intranet to streamline its reporting structure. It can also work as a great resource to be in touch and gather data from multiple offices across various locations.
Is MakeMyReport free?
Yes, it's completely free on an individual basis. We have a corporate subscription plan for you when you want to use it dedicatedly for your company's internal communication.
Why MakeMyReport?
MakeMyReport will help you build reports within minutes! We’re the most accessible report maker with the most advanced capabilities, including the industry’s top design and customization tools. Don’t know where to start? We have hundreds of ready-made templates to get your form rocking. Assign the forms to your desired contacts. MakeMyReport also lets you add your company logo, custom color schemes, and stunning background images.
How secure is my data with MakeMyReport?
MakeMyReport takes the security of your data very seriously. All MakeMyReport standalone form links and embed codes are secure (SSL) by default, and we give all users the option to encrypt their data.
What happens to my data when I downgrade my account
If you decide to downgrade your account, your data will still be securely stored like it always has been.
Is MakeMyReport can be integrated with current system?
Yes, MakeMyReport can be integrated with any existing system.