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  • Reporting and Analytics

    When respondents submit your forms, Make My Report will automatically generate graphs displaying how many people answered each form question. The pie charts are a very visually appealing way to communicate the results of your campaigns. 

    You can download and analyze the data with Excel for a more thorough analysis of the data collected through your Make My Report.

  • Flag the defaulters

    Once the form is assigned, you can check whether the assigned contact has responded to the form or not. You can easily flag the defaulters and send them a reminder.

  • Assign to Desired contacts

    Make My Report allows the users to make a public or private form, whereas, in the case of a private form, it’s only shared with the desired contacts. They can also select whether it’s a once/daily/monthly report type and limit the number of submissions per person.

    The form can be assigned to only desired contacts in a private access type. Once the form is assigned, they will be notified by email and SMS. Also, the users can group the contacts and send the form to the group at a time. For example, if you want to send a form to the marketing department, instead of selecting all the names, you need to group them and select the group name.

  • Question Types

    There are many question formats you can add to your Make My Report Form that respondents can interact with. These elements include: 

    • Text Box: Respondents can use a single line to answer a question.
    • Text Area: Respondents can use multiple lines to respond in-depth to a question. 
    • Radio Button: Multiple answers with bubbles next to them that respondents can select to indicate their response to a question.
    • Check Box: Similar to multiple choice but rather with checkboxes. Respondents can select multiple checkboxes. 
    • Dropdown: Gives respondents the ability to drop down the list of answers. 
    • File upload: Gives respondents the ability to upload a document such as a resume or an image through your Make My Report Form.
    • Date: For selecting a date in the month, day, year format 
    • Time: For choosing a time in the 00:00 format. 

    Given the wide selection of elements, you shouldn’t have trouble customizing a survey as you see fit.

  • File Upload

    The file upload element is one of Make My Reports’ features that almost all form builders have. 

    File upload allows respondents to submit files through your Make My Report Form. 

    To give you an idea of when someone might want to use this element, it makes sense to use this element if you’re going to receive:

    • Job applications or resumes for prospective employees
    • Quiz, test, or essay submissions 
    • Photos for a photography contest

    The possibilities are endless. Submissions via the file upload element will be stored in your account. 

  • Templates

    Access to 100 plus existing predesigned templates. We have added different templates related to various industries and sectors. These templates are broken down into six main categories: Business, Feedback, Education, Human resources, Healthcare, and Inventory.

    You can Preview those templates even without logging in and check the content in those templates.


    You can select any template and start modifying it as per your requirement. Once the form is ready, you can send it to your desired contacts or share it publicly.